At If You Dare Foods, we work hard to make quality authentic salsa. Our products are preservative free, but their fresh taste will last 2-3 weeks if you store them in the refrigerator after opening the jar. If you don’t think you can use all of the salsa within that time, simply freeze half of it. Eliminating preservatives is what sets our salsas apart from other brands and allows you to taste the fresh flavor of the peppers we use without the vinegar taste.

The name of the company says it all.

Try it – You’ll like it –  I “dare” you.

Treat your taste buds to something new and unique.

  Embers – Family Friendly Heat

 Flicker Of Fire – Moderate Heat

  Fire In The Hole – Intense Heat

Most really “HOT” salsas are just that, way too hot with no flavor. But If You Dare Salsa has great flavor along with just the right amount of hotness that keeps you coming back for more. Our unique combination of peppers gives our salsa a complex flavor to indulge your senses.

Although grandma’s salsa was the best, we got a wild hair to try our luck with what we learned from her. After years of playing around with the recipe, we finally came up with a great authentic taste. For many years, we just gave the salsa away. People would offer to pay, but we refused.

We have always wanted to introduce our authentic flavor to everyone’s taste buds. After a lot of hard work and persuasion, we now share it with the public. In June of 2005, we started selling our salsa at the Farmers’ Market in the Historic Haymarket in Lincoln, Nebraska.

As our salsa became more popular and each year passed we found it more difficult to keep up with the growing business. In 2011 we began full production to accommodate the demand for our product. If you can’t find our salsa at your local store, you can always purchase it online through this website.

Thanks To Family and Friends For All Your Support, And Confidence.

The Salsa Lady