Salsa Smothered Pork Chops

First, get some If You Dare Salsa

Embers – Flicker Of Fire or Fire In the Hole

Fry Pork Chops halfway in a little bit of oil, just so the pink is fading away. Add chopped onion, pepper & salts. Pour salsa over pork chops and let simmer for about an hour so the flavor cooks through. If it’s still too spicy add tomato juice and/or tomatoes.

Serve with rice, beans, fried potatoes w/ onions & green pepper, and of course tortillas. What’s also great about this recipe is it can be a second meal if you have leftovers.

Cut the meat off the pork chop bone. Heat up in the salsa  they were simmered in. Fry up some eggs, hash-browns, and re-fried beans. Pour pork chops & salsa over your eggs, or over everything…. and don’t forget the tortillas.

You’ll have nothing wasted and it even tastes better the next day!