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25 thoughts on “If You Dare Foods: Testimonials.

  1. Maria A.
    I think this is one of the best tasting salsa’s I have tasted. It has a very unique taste. Nothing like the others I’ve had. It has good color, nice consistency and a nice fresh taste. It needs to be on the store shelves.

  2. Jeff H. – California
    My Dad brought me some of this salsa and it is great. Can you give me more information on sizes and prices? I’ am taking some to work tomorrow to help spread the word about your success. Congratulations!

  3. Chris H.
    Hey, really good stuff. I think yours is the best salsa I have ever had, I am not exaggerating! This batch was a little hot! OK really hot, but still really good. I cut it with come diced tomatoes and sauce. It still has somewhat of an ‘afterburner’ effect if you know what I mean. Thanks again for providing me with such a treat.

  4. I have been eating your salsa since I met you, both the HOT SAUCE & FIRE IN THE HOLE As salsa goes there’s none I can think of to date that compares to the flavor and distinctive bite of your salsa, and I’ve tasted my share. I’d argue few could compare. It’s really intense. What struck me personally was just the overall unique flavor. So many salsas are bland or regular when it comes to taste. I really enjoy the fact everything is fresh and I think that comes through in the flavor. We’re definitely going to be stocking up. THANKS!

  5. Jason M. – Nebraska
    I eat salsa almost everyday. I was first introduced to your “Fire In The Hole” salsa. I was amazed at how much flavor it had. I love salsa and have tried literally hundreds of different kinds over the years. I even spent a decade making my own from my garden, but none of them have compared to the flavor of yours. Whenever I serve it for guests, it is amazing how everyone creates such a fuss about it. You’ve really got something here. If U Dare salsa has a more traditional taste, and will be my salsa of choice from now on. Thank you!

  6. Nancy W. – Nebraska
    I tried this salsa a few years ago and have never tasted anything that comes close to it since! The flavor is the best. It’s awesome! It’s quite obvious that everything is natural. I am so spoiled by this salsa now, that I can not allow myself to run out of it because I can’t eat anything else! I’m addicted. The race isn’t even close, this is the winner, hands down.

  7. Irene B.
    I really like this salsa, this is the best I ever try in my whole life, I am from Mexico in this salsa taste like from home, I love the flavor is ruely taste. La mejor #1.

  8. Randi H.
    I bought some of your hot salsa today 5-12-2007 and WOW!! I ate half of the salsa in one sitting, I couldn’t stop myself. But eventually my mouth felt like it was going to melt off, so I had to stop! I love your salsa and I am going to be buying a lot more!!!

  9. Elijah B. – Michigan
    First of all, I like to think of myself as an all-things-hot-connoisseur; and may I say that after trying your salsa…..I’am hooked! There is a real flavor and great punch w/out being overwhelming. Fine quality to be sure! An inviting departure from the no flavor, just-try-to-make-as-hot-as-possible crowd. This satisfied customer will place future orders!

  10. Kelle B.
    I used to eat store bought salsa and thought it was good. But then I tried If You Dare Salsa – WOW !!!! What a difference so fresh and with a nice kick to it. Just what salsa should be. I’ve given your salsa both kinds for gifts and they always want more, they really like it when they know its Nebraska made. Keep Going Strong.

  11. David Biber
    Your Salsa’s are great. Two Guys Grilling, LLC., subjected them to a tasting panel comprised of Pit Masters and Certified BBQ Judges. They received two thumbs up all around. You might consider a chipotle salsa as your next step, as that was the most common comment. Keep up the great work.

    David Biber, CEO
    Two Guys Grilling, LLC.
    Email: Biber@Cox.net

  12. Danny M. – Colony, Kansas
    Hi Deb, I live in Colony, KS, but was raised in Nebraska and my folks live in Lincoln, and have access to Husker Football tickets. They let me go some of the games periodically and I first met you at the Farmer’s Market before a game. I tried and bought 2 jars of the Fire in the Hole Salsa, which I absolutely love. At my company, we have a snack day once a month, and people bring in various home-made goodies, and sometimes it’s chips and salsa. I told them that “they ain’t tasted nothin’ yet!” After tasting your salsa, the ones that could take it, all agreed. I just ordered 4 jars and will be passing along your website to my co-workers, which I’m sure will be getting you some new Kansas business. Thank you for the treat. I’ve eaten a lot of salsa in my life and yours has to be some of the best.

  13. Bart N. –
    I had to let you know that over the 4th of July we broke out your sample jars of salsa for my in-laws, and they LOVED them! I was the only one able to handle the “fire in the hole,” but the medium went over extremely well. In fact with the fire in the hole I made Tiger Shrimp skewers and coated them lightly with the Fire in the Hole salsa and grilled. They turned out GREAT! Thought you’d like to know. Thanks!

    Bart Novak
    Palmer House Foods
    General Manager & Marketing Director

  14. Shelley D. – Kansas
    I just wanted to tell you how much my family appreciates the salsa. It’s hard to find an authentic tasting salsa, and by the way I’m glad you don’t put cilantro in it. I eat it on everything. I live in KS and have people down here loving it. Thanks

  15. LOVED THE SALSA!! I want some for Christmas gifts. One guy at my house that night said the Hot stuff was awesome…it was actually hot and had flavor!! – Thumbs up!

  16. I also enjoy immensely the product you produce. Prior I had tried all of the retail store offerings and was only somewhat content with them. Then I purchased yours from the Farmers Market one time and have been absolutely addicted ever since.

    I have shared my supply with many friends and am always dismayed when my supply dwindles down to nothing. It is a great tasting salsa and adds flavor to many meals around our house. Don’t ever stop making this amazing salsa and give your grandmother a big hug from us at the Long’s household. Gotta go now cuz I have to order some for just myself!!!

  17. I picked up a jar at the North Hy-Vee in Lincoln. I can truly say, the first salsa in a jar I’ve liked, and I’ve tried hundreds. I love it. As advertised, just the right spice, consistency and flavors. I like to dice a little fresh Cilantro in. Please stock it at the Williamsburg Hy-Vee as soon as possible, that’s were we regularly shop.

  18. I recently relocated to Nebraska from Texas. Every Texan who moves away misses true Tex-Mex like crazy. While I have enjoyed the Mexican food here in Nebraska, I struggled with the flavor and heat of the salsa served in restaurants…just not the same. I heard about your salsa and headed to the Farmer’s Market to try it. Ahhhhh….tastes like home! I love it. Not missing Texas salsa near as much. Your salsa meets my need for a fix. Thank you! I’m a customer for life!

  19. WOW, what an excellent salsa. I tried the Flicker of Fire and could not put it down. The flavor is very fresh and the consistency is just perfect. I even added a little fresh cilantro from the garden and finished the entire jar in one setting! Thank you for developing such a fantastic product, I have finally found my favorite salsa!

  20. I bought your “fire in the hole” last night for Cinco de Mayo celebration and cannot stop eating it. Don’t tell mom but this is the best!!!!!

    Please do me favor and keep it cilantro free and let people add themselves. Cilantro is a trendy vile weed that my neighbor’s dog won’t even eat.

    I am emailing all the major grocery chains and telling them I will not shop in their stores if they do not carry your products. Your product needs to be on an end display so people can find it.

  21. I just cracked open my first jar of your Fire in the Hole salsa after a friend recommended it. It is by far the best salsa I have ever had. I cannot express how grateful I am that a local, delicious salsa exists here in Lincoln.

    I love it so much.

    Keep up the great work!

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